Have you been Abramoffed?

I gather DC’s K Street community is keeping a low profile right now, hoping that the Abramoff scandal will soon blow over and allow them to get back to work. I’m curious to learn whether any PR work has been affected by this affair. There is an argument that PR agencies will benefit as funds are redirected and an argument that they’ll suffer simply because of PR’s association with PA. I’ve seen no evidence yet within my business of either but I’m nevertheless curious. Has anyone yet had their budgets ‘Abramoffed?’

9 Comments on “Have you been Abramoffed?”

  1. Sean Garrett says:

    Hey Tim. Because of this imbroglio, there’s draft legislation that will cause greater transparency and tracking of consultants that are tangential to straight-forward lobbying, but, tellingly, PR is not included.

    Budgets that are “Abramoffed” will be ones that relied on substance-free junkets and patronage. And, since the tech industry hasn’t been entrenched long enough into DC to play those games and, largely, has approached Washington as educators rather than donors (for better or worse), our industry won’t be as impacted as others.

    Still, the inevitable pendulum will swing too far in reaction to this, and, even the squeaky clean will be hindered in their dialogues with policymakers.

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