As another door opens..

In recent months there have been some unusual announcements in the technology industry. Only on Friday we had the surprise departure of Tom Perkins from HP‘s board. What made it surprising was that nobody gave a reason, not that he actually left the board. The resounding but thoroughly unconvincing ‘no comment’ from HP made it clear that something ugly must have happened but the PR people were clearly told to stick to the classic rebuttal. Even though it’s clear even a poorly trained PR person could have come up with something better. “He felt his job was complete now that Hurd has clearly got HP back on track,” would probably have done it.

The other surprise news last week was that Intel finally lost its stranglehold on Dell. After years of trying, AMD finally secured a foothold in the PC giant’s line-up. What interested me is that it’s not that long ago that Intel secured its first place in Apple‘s lineup. Does Dell know something Apple doesn’t? As the saying goes, ‘as another door opens…’


5 Comments on “As another door opens..”

  1. renaissance chambara says:

    The thing with Apple is that now they have moved to the Intel architecture it would be relatively easy for them to use AMD as a second-string supplier or use the competition to drive the kind of supplier performance they couldn’t get from IBM.

    It would have been politically a bad move to go straight to AMD as Intel was at the time (though they way things are going everything is up in the air to play for) the dominant player in the market and would have been a more reassuring name than AMD for the Mac faithful.

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