HP lurches from one crisis to the next

Like many PR people I’ve been wondering why the crisis gurus have not been able to get the HP board under control. Surely the board doesn’t want the entire saga to be played out in the media? Right now though, every move of this mess seems to be getting air time in one media outlet or another (Google news has about 4000 news stories on the topic already). Having said that this seems to have been a recurring issue for HP – remember the whole Walter Hewlett saga?

Going back to the current problems, if the media circus continues and it shows no sign of stopping yet, then the very man that appears to have turned the business around (Mark Hurd) could be the one to pay the biggest price. Patricia Dunn meanwhile could end up with a cozy non-executive seat (I’m curious as to why she’s being allowed to stay on btw).

I can’t blame HP’s internal team for this situation. Company boards are notoriously tough to deal with and will rarely take good counsel even when offered. That said, when matters escalate as they have here, they usually listen to some crisis management expert. For HP’s sake I only hope someone is able to take control soon or the blood on the carpet may start to get thicker.

One Comment on “HP lurches from one crisis to the next”

  1. First year PR studuent says:

    From the coverage i’ve been reading it seems they’re past a carpet stain and drowning in a pool of blood.

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