Text 100 to tell the Truth

The inevitable truth that is. Today Text 100 is launching its Clean Tech Practice which will aim to help organizations in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable power. The team already has some good client experience with people like: PARC, Philips, GE Wind Energy, Altran, npower renewables, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), TOTAL, Envirowise and Whirlpool. I also note their release talks about how much VC spending is going into this scetor. There is no doubt that fear of global warming has put some heat (pardon the pun) into the sector…


4 Comments on “Text 100 to tell the Truth”

  1. Mark says:

    Tim, Tim, Tim…’innevitable’ – what’s that? US spelling?

  2. Wadds Tech PR Blog says:

    Despite Text 100’s rather dubious foray into the world of Second Life, this is a fantastic initiative by the organisation both in terms of profit and profile. As the world becomes more and more aware of the real dangers of global warming, green companies will no doubt be thrust into the spotlight. And what greater motivation for the staff at Text 100 than only saving the world?

  3. David McCulloch says:

    You’re spot on, Stephen. We have a lot of fun accounts to work on already, but the enthusiasm from staff (globally) towards building a clean tech business has been phenomenal.

  4. Tim Dyson, CEO of Next Fifteen says:

    got me.

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