Notable PR blogger seeks job

Seems a notable PR blogger that writes under a nom de plume in the US is looking for a job in Europe. They’re presumably hoping to cash in on their social media prowess by helping beef up the skills of the firms over there. There is a challenge with this though. Good PR blogs, like many good industry blogs, are irreverent and tend to poke agencies in the eye when they do or say something stupid. In truth they poke at agencies most of the time, whether or not they’ve been stupid because that’s what make them an interesting read. In other words, the very skill that makes them good at their job as a blogger makes them harder to hire in the industry they watch. After all, if you are agency X and have been roasted by a blog for the way you handled something, are you likely to want to hire the blogger? The answer is going to be no in most cases as quite simply most agencies would struggle to admit that the blogger was 100% correct. That’s because they weren’t 100% right… 85% maybe but not 100%. This is of course a shame but it’s human nature even for thick skinned PR folk. Of course I’m not suggesting that bloggers soften their style so they can get agency jobs. It would be a shame to lose the edge that these blogs have developed just so the poeple writing them find it easier to get a job in PR. Instead it probably calls for these blogs to be prepared to be a little more willing to listen and for the agencies to accept they’re not perfect.

One Comment on “Notable PR blogger seeks job”

  1. Amanda says:

    You’re right.

    – Amanda

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