Microsoft, Sprint and Blackberry Sync on Messaging

You may have noticed Microsoft’s ad campaign for their smart phone platform which is built around the tag line Start Doing More. The idea being that you can get a lot more done with a Microsoft based phone. Meanwhile Sprint is running TV ads that end with the line “people might wonder how many of you there really are” (because you can now get so much done that is). Last there’s RIM’s Blackberry ad that has some line about a bigger world. It seems they are all focussed on what a mobile platform can do and not on why their particular platform is better…

3 Comments on “Microsoft, Sprint and Blackberry Sync on Messaging”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tim, I just got a new Blackberry (after having a Treo) and can’t believe how much of my business I can now run “by hand.” There’s almost no way to explain to the uninitiated how productive a smart phone can make you without painting broad strokes. For example, I use ACT Software and purchased $50 sync software called Companionlink that gives me access to my contacts and calendar on my phone. My office schedules me, and I have it on my phone within minutes. (I even got a $5 discount using discount code AV9500, in case anyone wants to try it.)

  2. eyts says:

    🙂 I agree with that Tim. Actually people are blinded with the platforms or what we call TAG LINES in every product brands. They usually based on that without really examining the benefits we can get out of each product. And sometimes, they usually trust on the brand… a well known brand, that is.

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