Same destination, different route

It’s easy to believe that when the economy changes, so does the mission of a business. The reason it’s easy to believe is because it’s at least partly true. If the economy changes, so does the economic opportunity… at least in the short term. However, I would argue that looking longer term the goals of a business should remain unchanged. This means if a business is aiming to lead or create a market it should still aim to do so. Of course its timescales may get modified but the destination shouldn’t (Unless of course the economy wipes that market off the map!). So if the commercial objectives remain unchanged but the means of achieving them get modified, then I’d also argue that the communications objectives should remain while perhaps the strategies may be reviewed. So as the storm clouds around the US economy continue to build, I’d encourage communications professionals to remind their staff not to take their eye off the prize but instead to look again at the route they may take to get there.

One Comment on “Same destination, different route”

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