Scobleizing Twitter

Robert Scoble made a name for himself as a pioneer in the blogosphere. At the time he was a Microsoft employee and he demonstrated how blogging could help large corporations have a more intimate dialog with parts of its customer base. Since he left to focus on being a blogger and general industry pundit he’s been a man in demand, though he recently stepped down from his role at Fast Company ‘to pursue a new venture.’ Nobody can say that Scoble is a slouch when it comes to generating content. His blog seems to average three posts a day and his Twitter updates seem to occur every hour and often every few minutes, which brings me to my beef. Either Robert Scoble needs to eliminate 90% of his Twitter comments and turn them into blog entries, or he needs Twitter to create a longer format than 140 characters just for him so he can condense his updates and send them every few hours. As it stands when I open Twitter all I see are comments form him and the occasional comment from Brian Solis. Given Twitter also suffers from almost daily overloads I can’t help but wonder how much of that is because of people like Robert Scoble. For those of us that like Twitter, please back off Robert – you’re overloading the system.

One Comment on “Scobleizing Twitter”

  1. stock-in-sin says:

    thanks for sharing=)

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