The social media triangle

I noticed Andy Lark’s latest tweet this morning, referencing his latest blog entry, which in turn referenced another blog entry. It occurred to me that the only thing missing here was a link to a Facebook page and then the social media triangle, as I’d like to call it, would be complete. It seems that one of the keys to doing good social media PR is to generate content on a blog or on a community site like Facebook and then link to it via another blog or community site and then top it off with a quick reference on Twitter for those of us who can’t keep track of all the blog posts and Facebook entries people make these days.

What does strike me as interesting in this triangle is:

1. That there is no dominant blogging platform in the way Facebook dominates the community space
2. That Twitter is becoming a great way to quickly see all the social media content changes that people have made that may have value

5 Comments on “The social media triangle”

  1. johnkerrnz says:

    Love your thinking Tim and enjoy the blog. Funnily enough, just had a similar conversation with a colleague about being consistent across social media, esp. as different people often use different channels.

    The other area we talked about was instant messaging – it’s easy to take your twitter post and paste it into your IM status (can’t automate it unfortunately). IM remains a powerful connection tool (esp. in Asia), so maybe it’s a social media quadrilateral??!? 🙂

  2. Alpha Lim says:

    You can automate that with

    Enter your update in and it replicates across almost anything you choose, including Twitter.

    I tried it for a while, but somehow fell back into just updating on Twitter (which replicates into my Facebook profile, FriendFeed and whatnot).

  3. Danny Brown says:

    Is there such a thing as “social media PR”? Isn’t it still just PR utilizing social media as a complement to the more “traditional” PR approach?

  4. Tim Dyson, CEO of Next Fifteen says:

    Danny – Good point but the techniques in social media PR are different to traditional PR. This is where I think many PR agencies and in-house teams are coming unstuck on social media. They are viewing it as just another channel to which they can apply their methodology. The methodology is very different here because the nature of social media is very different.

  5. Catherine says:

    Could i please use the logo cube picture in my coursework?

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