Can a scandal save a newspaper?

The MP expense scandal in the UK has given the normally stodgy Telegraph a new lease of life at a time when print media of almost every kind is suffering badly. I wonder whether the scandal will have any lasting impact, or if in six months when the scandal has blown over, the paper will again see its readership dwindle. The scandal is huge and it’s unlikely the paper, or any other for that matter, can match it any time soon. Plus the story doesn’t show that newspapers are better than any other form of media. It is simply that they got the story. If the BBC had got the scoop it wouldn’t have attracted any less interest. Indeed it may have had more. It could equally have been the story that could have made a blog a household name (if a blogger had been the person to expose the scandal). Sadly I can only come to one conclusion. This was a great piece of journalism but not one that will change the course of publishing history.

One Comment on “Can a scandal save a newspaper?”

  1. Andrew says:

    Was it great journalism or was it just that the Telegraph were the ones prepared to meet the insider’s asking price ? Hard to say its not helped the Telegraph profile over here though…this said, i think the Telegraph’s political hacks may find westminster a little less co operative going forward….

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