Where did all the homeless people go?

I was in New York last week for a series of meetings. On the Monday night I was walking back to my hotel after dinner and found a dollar bill on the sidewalk. There was no sign of anyone who may have lost the bill so I picked it up and vowed to give it to the next homeless person I saw. I was in New York for two more days. I figured that would give me plenty of time to part with my find. I was wrong. The dollar bill traveled back to California with me before finally being handed over to a guy in a wheel chair outside the Palo Alto Starbucks. Now I’m pretty sure that the person who lost that dollar never would have thought it would travel 3000 miles so quickly.

6 Comments on “Where did all the homeless people go?”

  1. Silicon Valley Diva says:

    What a terrific story!

  2. Laura says:

    I have been wondering the same thing. I visited NYC five years ago and I remember there being an abundance of homeless people. I visited again last summer and I didn’t see a single one the whole time. It’s just bizarre.

  3. Nad says:

    Maybe they have become part of the 99% crowd and are being taken care of better because of it.

  4. suburbanite says:

    Maybe they’re being paid to return to other cities and countries:

  5. NotYourAverageAmericanYesman says:

    The truth is hard to believe. I will probablly sound like a loon to most on this subject but they never had plane tickets and the politicians never passed the buck of welfare off to other countries like Castro did. They were sent to Nevada and other MidWest states by F.E.M.A on the back of tractor trailors in Coffins large enough to hold 3 to 5 adult bodies. There are footage of these occurances and movements. Also of the alleged camps that the public seems to be confused is some sort of holding detainment center for a future N.W.O.. This is complete garbage and by the time that the people who are making these videos and watching F.E.M.A’s moves out there in the desert finally wonder what happened with the coffins and where the camps went after the walls and buildings are cleared, the homeless of N.Y.C will be forgotten. Check on youtube for these videos and you will know that it isnt a theory. Hit these keywords into Youtube.com or at Liveleak.com.. F.E.M.A,,,, COFFINS,,,, DETENTION.. what they wont tell you is that the coffins arent for the future dead. They were full before they got there.

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