Twititions get a boost

Twititions are Twitter petitions. You can see all the Twititions by going to So far 537 Twititions have been created and they’ve received 32,374 signatures. Put another way the average Twitition gets around 60 signatures. However, Twititions just got a huge boost by the decisions of AT&T and O2 to charge people a high price to upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 3GS (see post below). An O2 twitition has attracted over 5000 signatures, whereas an AT&T Twitition with the same complaint has garnered over 13000 signatures. Put together they account for over half of the signtaures attracted to any Twitition. This shows that people on Twitter want this kind of outlet for issues they care about. Of course it also shows that you can’t simply create a Twitition as a tactic in a marketing plan. Without these two Twititions, the average Twitition has only 30 signatures…


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