Laggard wants national upgrade day

So I finally made the switch to WordPress.  It has taken me a while.  Years in fact.  I can now see what all the fuss was about.  And there I was thinking I was an early adopter type…

It’s funny how you can get used to using a certain piece of technology and can in fact think that it is great, despite people telling you there’s a better toy on the market.  Indeed I have several friends with older Blackberry’s who think they are the perfect device.  I rest my case.  Of course what this shouldn’t mean is that we all switch to the latest greatest piece of technology all the time.  If we did we’d be forever having to get new phones, laptops, TVs, servers and software.  Life would be one constant upgrade.  But perhaps there should be one day each year that is designated ‘upgrade day’ when we can all switch from that clunky old Blackberry to a sleek new iPhone that has 5 minutes of battery life.  Perhaps when Obama has finished with the health system he can focus his attention on this oh so important problem.  OK maybe not.  Have a good weekend.

One Comment on “Laggard wants national upgrade day”

  1. Hamish says:

    The Wired piece on the success of Craigslist in spite of Craig Newmark’s refusal to turn it into a site which looks anything like up to date (what Wired calls ‘The tragedy of Craigslist”) is interesting in this context. For a lot of people, most maybe, change can be uncomfortable, or at the least irritating – particularly to something you’re used to and as far as you’re concerned does what you want it to already – like a free ad list, or an old blackberry. Nice and simple, does the job. I’m just getting to grips with all the features of Facebook (for there are many) and I’d really rather it didn’t get any kind of radical makeover for quite some time – it works just fine as far as I’m concerned. It would make my life simpler if it didn’t change one bit for the next year or two. So what should Facebook’s strategy be – resolutely stick to a system that works, people know and are comfortable with, or adopt every new feature and function it can in the hope of keeping ahead of the upstarts?

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