Call 911, he hasn’t tweeted all day! He must have died.

Like a lot of you I follow a bunch of people on Twitter and some of them are constantly tweeting.  Indeed I had to turn one off today because he was filling my Twitter inbox and I couldn’t see any other tweets.  One of the other people I follow, who normally does a pretty good job of tweeting – say 10 a day (about 9 more a day than I average).  Today this person didn’t tweet.  Not once.  Indeed the absence of his tweets mad me wonder if he was OK.  Now I wasn’t exactly about to call 911 but it did make me realize that Twitter has become a measure of someone’s state of mind etc.  I could easily see that you could develop a tool that analyzed people’s tweets to determine what kind of mood they are in and whether this would be a good or a bad time to call them and ask them for that $100 they owe you, or to buy something from you.  Of course this would only work with the people that tweet in enough volume but that guy I turned off earlier today would be a perfect candidate for such a tool.  So, you prolific tweeters – look out, you may be getting that sales call right when you least expect it and you are unwittingly at your weakest.

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