Should PR agencies have to pitch?

PR Week today announced that, an interesting startup, has hired Weber Shandwick for its PR.  According to the article they didn’t go through an RFP process.  Instead they were hired because they’d worked with the head of comms before at  Some will argue that this is no way to make such an important decision.  Others will argue that the person who hired them knew what she was going to get and saved the company a lot of time and trouble.  She also, saved various agencies a lot of time as she clearly knew who she wanted.

Just about every agency head I know complains about the pitch process for the following reasons:

1.  Agencies have to invest a lot of time and money in pitches.  Indeed the cost of pitching can often wipe out the profits they’d make from an account for much of the first year.

2.  Agencies are forced to give away a lot of free ideas in the pitch process.  This is frustrating when those ideas get used by another agency that wins the account.

3.  Procurement departments are using pitch processes to drive a bargain and rarely are they focused on getting the best consultants to help a company.

4.  Every process is different so agencies have to reinvent the wheel each time.

5.  Some agencies don’t play fair.  In other words they make promises they have no intention of keeping – such as staffing

6.  Some clients don’t play fair.  They suggest they’ll be a great client and have a great budget.  They then reduce the budget and change the role of the agency.

7.  There are at least another three common complaints but I won’t bore you.

Given all these complaints should agencies have to pitch or should there just be a standard process by which agencies get hired?  While the latter would save everyone time, it’s sadly impractical.  Every client is different and has different needs.  A standard process denies agencies who really want to invest a pitch the opportunity to show how much they really want the business.  Also, some agencies use the current process to show innovation. Make the process standard and that chance goes away.

I for one would love to see the current process improved but I fully suspect I’ll hear the same complaints in five years that I hear today.  Instead, clients need to be reminded of the best way to handle the pitch process so they get the right agency without putting the agency world through the mill in the process.

One Comment on “Should PR agencies have to pitch?”

  1. One area clients can do themselves and agencies a favor: cut through the bull, focus the request and get agencies to zero in on the criteria ultimately driving their decision. Sitting through a series of dog and pony shows doesn’t help anyone. Challenge agencies but also be honest about how to win and everyone benefits.

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