Why Twitter is so perfect for PR

Two years ago PR people were just discovering Twitter.  Now most PR people can’t imagine life without it.  What makes Twitter so ideal for PR?  Here are some reasons:

  1. You can build your own community around a brand and create a frequency of contact that is hard for other social platforms to compete with.
  2. Twitter is the ultimate ‘elevator pitch’ platform
  3. Brands can use Twitter to express personality AND messages
  4. Twitter enables you to respond to events and news real time in a way that some other platforms can’t
  5. Twitter is (for now) cool
  6. You can measure your brand’s performance on Twitter for nothing
  7. Twitter is making Google search way better by making it real time – that means real time news
  8. Twitter doesn’t make the same demands on a brand that blogging does (legal doesn’t need to review tweets (yet)
  9. If it can be said in 140 characters you can say it – free speech with a character limit
  10. Twitter enables you to hear real time the conversations that surround your brand, your competitors and or the issues you care about
  11. Mavens are on Twitter
  12. Analysts are on Twitter
  13. Editors are on Twitter
  14. My mother isn’t.

One Comment on “Why Twitter is so perfect for PR”

  1. […] Why Twitter is so perfect for PR by timdyson.wordpress.com May 31, 2010- I love your list! You are right- isn’t it odd how that just a short time ago, Twitter didn’t exist? Now, it is the next big thing (like you said, for now!). Twitter gives the opportunity to say what you want for anyone and everyone to see in real time- and timeliness is a key element in PR. Thanks for the list, you made some great points here, and hopefully it will help me with my “Week of Twitter” project coming up in my PR writing class! Thanks! […]

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