Does Apple do the best PR?

When Apple announces anything, or even hints at announcing something, the media and blogosphere light up.  Steve Jobs face beams from magazine covers and social networks buzz with inside stories.  Most, if not all, that attention is positive.  Is this great PR at work or simply great products at work?  I’d argue that Apple doesn’t do great PR but because they make great products they don’t need to.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they execute their PR with great professionalism.  Their positioning is as crisp as their product set.  But they don’t do high risk tactics, or even stunts.  They do build excitement and then they deliver products that match that excitement (for the most part).

There are lots of companies that could match Apple at PR.  But to compete with Apple they need a CEO who can sell like Steve and products that are as good as the ones Steve sells.  With those ingredients they could out PR Apple.  Indeed with those ingredients they could wipe the floor with Apple.  Truth be told the media don’t love Apple, nor do many bloggers.  But they do love that Apple keeps turning out great products and keeps saying provocative things.  But if someone really wanted to take them on and had the substance to match them, the media would enjoy taking Apple down.  Then we’d find out how good Apple was at PR.


2 Comments on “Does Apple do the best PR?”

  1. Totally agree. It’s all about the products, and nothing but.
    Still you’ve got to consider their flair for drama, whether that is seen as stunts or just drama. The first BIG thing was the 1984 Super Bowl ad about the launch of Mac. It is now well documented in history how that ad was a take off of the 1984 book by George Orwell and was a first by all standards. Then take a look at how they planned their next product introductions — always timed to create a buzz resulting in the “must have” aura surrounding their products. They have built their PR on triggering emotions that spur the “want” and then sales, which they do at odd hours just to attract.
    I think that you are right that now PR just flows naturally — the best of worlds — by introducing great products, but it did start on drama and flair.

  2. PXLated says:

    Too many “ifs” so Apple doesn’t have to worry any time soon.

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