Twitter – tweets versus trends

I am user of Twitter.  Most of the people I follow are sensible about their volume of tweets.  I used to follow Robert Scoble but I found all I got were pages of his tweets that told me about his daily routine and little else and it annoyed me.  A few hundred people are foolish enough to follow me and they get a mix of inane remarks and links to content I find interesting and amusing.  In short I’m a pretty average user of Twitter.  I got followed by someone today who follows literally thousand of people.  I tried to imagine their Twitter inbox.  It would be updating every second almost, making it all but impossible to really follow anyone.  The only real purpose I can see for following such large numbers isn’t to really follow a person but to follow either a group of people or a conversation.  In other words you are not trying to see what Tim Dyson is tweeting about but rather to find out if a topic is popular on Twitter.  I can see why this is valuable but it made me think that Twitter should develop a different kind of inbox/account for these users of Twitter.  Their feed shouldn’t show the tweets but instead simply the trends and the data behind those trends.  In other words the trending topics section should be the main part of the page.  I also feel you should be able to tell which users are really following and which are ‘trending’.  I’d be curious to know how many of the 480 or so people that follow me actually read my tweets and how many of my tweets are simply used to help create stats.  Maybe these trend scoopers could be called flockers.  I know I’ve called them something similar.

2 Comments on “Twitter – tweets versus trends”

  1. Sean Garrett says:

    I hang on your every tweet, Tim.

  2. Tom Foremski says:

    I follow more than 10,000 but using Tweetdeck but I have a far smaller list, less than 50 that I can pay more attention to. I like taking a look at the full 10,000 to pick out some interesting RTs but also have a more focused view with my “Faves” group.

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