What if a map was actually an advert?

We are all getting used to using Google maps, the GPS map on our phones and in our cars, to find places.  We follow that very patient lady to our destination (it’s so good that she stays calm when we miss a turn).  But imagine if the brands we ‘liked’ were allowed to sponsor these turn by turn directions, so that instead of taking us by the fastest route they took us by the route that had their billboards or better still their stores?  Given the GPS system would know where we were, it could choose to show us an advert on the screen saying that we were about to pass a certain store that was having a sale, or give us a coupon etc.  In other words the map would cease to be a map but would instead become a form of advertising.  Imagine then that the map also gave you social content, such as the Trip Advisor reviews of hotels, the Open Table reviews of restaurants and the Yelp reviews of stores.  Right now my car GPS will show me there is a gas station coming up, which can be a help.  Would it be a help to know that if I went a mile further I could buy cheaper gas?  I suspect many would say yes to that kind of feature…

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