Is Twitter killing blogs?

I used to blog quite frequently but lately my blogging has tailed off while my tweeting has risen. This got me thinking about the impact of Twitter on blogs. Objectively Twitter is a great way to promote a blog. It’s also a great way to get across the key points that may otherwise have been in a blog in less than a 140 characters. This has two types of impact:

1. People seem to be abandoning their blogs in favor of tweeting or posting a comment of Facebook.

2. People are using Twitter to get their news and perspective rather than blogs. Twitter gives you a readers digest version of the blog. It cuts to the chase marvelously and makes savage editors out of all of its contributors. In other words people are often simply reading lots of small prices of insight instead of a few longer blog posts.

I’ve heard some people describe Twitter as a micro blogging site. If you agree with that I guess blogging is being replaced by micro blogging.

I have yet to find hard stats on how Twitter has affected the number of blogs out there. I suspect commercial blogs are still on the rise. Whereas personal blogs are disappearing as their writers become tweeters and their readers become Twitter followers. If anyone has robust data on this I’d love to see it. Until then, I’ll just Tweet this blog post.

4 Comments on “Is Twitter killing blogs?”

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  2. People have gotten bored of blogging. Because it does not get them enough visitors, comments. So, they are trying other things to reach out. It does not mean twitter is killing blogging.

    Blogging was doomed nevertheless.

    Now, think about zeoling: it is blogging in a location. Now that could convert individual bloggers into zeolers. And this could be a potential blog killer.

  3. I love looking through a post that will make people think.

    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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