PR PROs should drive insight not just news

PR agencies do more than drive news BUT they do tend to focus on the news cycle a great deal for obvious reasons.  Yet PR has to recognize that the way we consume news has changed drastically in the last five years.  Five years ago people had a primary news source, either via broadcast or a daily newspaper. Today they have a broad array of news sources that includes these same outlets, albeit online, but also includes bloggers, friends and people they follow on Twitter or are connected to on LinkedIn.  In such a fragmented market for information it is harder for companies to control their message.  This makes it far more important that companies determine the insight they want the news to create, which in will in turn drive the way they engage with the brand.  Yet all too often companies are so focussed on how to best to get the news out that they spend little, if any, time on what the news means and what they expect the people who should be connected to that news to do as a result.  In a world where we are drowning in information, the brand that goes the extra mile and helps us figure out how to make use of that information will win.  For PR agencies this means changing the way we think about the news cycle.  We need to work with our clients to make sure they understand the real and or desired implications of the news they want to promote.  There’s an old saying – there’s no such thing as bad news.  Perhaps PR consultants should worry less about the news and more about the insight.  Insight drives behaviors and actions and without these a client may well wonder why they engaged with you in the first place.

3 Comments on “PR PROs should drive insight not just news”

  1. Great point. I wonder how much leeway PR firms have with their clients. Also, it requires domain expertise, which not every firm has with every client.

  2. laurent says:

    I would add one more element to your reco…to ensure that they understand the implications of the news from the standpoint of the beholder (i.e; the target audience). It’s possible nowadays as you can easily ‘study’ a target audience by listening to its power users who usually are influencers blogging thus producing content that is of immense value.
    A theoretical example:
    – brand xyz has a new nail polish that is environmental friendly thus they thing they should message around that.
    – the ‘nail’ community doesn’t care too much about environment at this point (I studied it a bit; some do but others dont..they’re more into the nail art subject)
    – the messaging should be articulated to compose with the insight. for example they could have content showing nail art that contains symbols associated with the environment.

  3. saha says:

    Interesting topic…I agree that PR PROs should drive insight not just news
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