Stock Markets in Turmoil, Currencies Calm

It has been a wild ride for the various exchanges around the world today. As you will likely know, the DOW opened down 450 points, only to recover most of it after news of a 0.75% cut in interest rates by the Fed. That said if you look at the chart throughout the trading day you will see it has bounced a round quite a lot even after the interest rate news. The same can’t be said for exchange rates. If you look at the exchange rates, you will see they have moderated over the day with far less volatility. Given the connection between interest rates and exchange rates you would expect there to be some shift in the value of the dollar following the unexpectedly large interest rate cut. Yet the dollar is only slightly worse off than it had been suggesting currency traders see more good news in the rate cut than bad. I’m curious why the opinions of currency traders haven’t been sought today by the likes of AP. I’m pretty sure they’d have some useful input to the discussions going on following the rate cut.