The “re”-hiring has started

PR agencies are hiring again  What’s interesting is that by and large agencies seem to be trying to steal talent form each other, rather than use this as an opportunity to bring in people from outside the industry.  This is understandable at one level but a massive, enormous, huge (did I make that clear?) missed opportunity at another.  Hiring great talent is what makes great agencies for sure but we also need to keep any eye on where the market is going. Right now the market is moving away from traditional PR towards digital at heck of a pace.  Now is our chance to hire people from other disciplines that offer new skills and new thinking.  I know some agencies are doing this but many (read almost all) seem to be saying they are transitioning their agencies towards digital but are then hiring people with traditional skills.  Make any sense to you?  If you owned a railroad business that was transitioning to become an airline, would you hire train drivers or pilots?