The birth of the new TV model?

Sean Garrett at 463 just blogged about and its potential implications for live TV. I think he makes some good arguments and it’s clear that in the same way as print media has been steamrollered by the online world, live, and in particular pay per view TV, could get a complete remake via sites like Of course there are always drivers of change and in the case of TV, sport has often proved the catalyst. Take the emergence of satellite TV in the UK. This struggled to take off until SKY took control of the rights for premier league football and then a range of other top flight sports. Soon any serious sports fan had to have SKY if they wanted to watch their favorite team. Fast forward to today and we have a world where that content is starting to leak out live on the web. It started to appear in grainy format on YouTube but wasn’t live and was often quickly removed. Now it appears live through sites such as that will direct you to. Look out live TV, you are about to get a make0ver. If you embrace it you will survive and may even prosper. If you don’t you will go the way of the Seattle Post Intelligencier.