Yesterday was quite a remarkable day. Millions of people around the world watched Obama become President. At the same time the media tapped into the interest by producing special editions of newspapers and day long TV and radio coverage of the event. This prompted me to ask several people if they remembered George W Bush’s inauguration. The answer was of course – NO. By any standard the Obama inauguration was a world leading event. But then by any measure Obama is probably the best known person on the planet right now. I suspect he has overtaken all manner of celebrities and sports stars in terms of name recognition. How long will all this Obama-mania last? My guess is that we will be able to tell when his star power has lost its luster when we stop seeing Obama bumper stickers. Right now when you drive around it is as if the election is still pending for Obama, while all the McCain stickers are long gone (not that there were that many in California). So keep an eye on the Obameter as I’m calling it. When you don’t see more than five stickers in a thirty minute drive the Obameter may well be showing that Obama is not quite so popular. For now though the Obameter is at an all time high.

Dems give Palin all the room she needs

Earlier this week Obama made it clear that Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin should not be attacked because of her daughter’s pregnancy. His VP nominee, Joe Biden, also backed this up in a move that was clearly designed to show the Democrats were above that kind of thing. However, what they failed to anticipate was how strongly she would attack them and that she may even damage them through these attacks. What the Democrats now have to struggle with is how to fight back at Palin. She is standing there throwing punches while the Democrats have effectively tied their own hands behind their backs. Of course they could just fight back but the risk is that they will be seen to be attacking an injured party. By saying people shouldn’t attack her for the pregnancy issue they effectively said nobody should attack her – period. On reflection they should simply have said nothing and let the Palin news play out. Then they could have attacked her with at least equal force. As I see it they have lost round one in a big way and they’d better quickly figure out how to deal with Palin or she could do some serious damage.

For the record I am a registered Democrat