What if Apple’s new tablet was also a video conferencing device?

Before I get any further I should say that I believe 2010 is going to be the year where video trumps voice as a way to communicate. But back to this post – Rumors are rife about Apple’s next major product.  The common view seems to be that they’ll unveil a larger iTouch/iPhone that will blow away the Kindle and create a whole new way for people to view a range of rich content (newspapers, magazines, videos, TV content).  But what if this device was also a way to do video conferencing?  People already use their iMac etc to Skype or iChat their friends and colleagues but this technology isn’t perfect.  Apple is the kind of company that could integrate some form of video capability in to a device that made it far simpler.  Take the current iPhone screen shown here.  It wouldn’t be hard to see them add a button for video.  I’m a huge fan of video conferencing in a world where people spend far too much time interacting via emails and text messages.  I’d personally love it if Apple opened up the market.  Now of course there are whole bunch of structural challenges that come with that.  AT&T is already being beaten up about its poor coverage in markets such as New York and San Francisco.  It’s therefore likely that they’d need to provide video services  via a wifi connection and that would make it a touch more challenging.  But it could be done.  Years ago, British Telecom ran an advert with the tagline: “It’s good to talk.”  Maybe Apple can replace that with: “it’s good to see you.”