PR agencies. Does size matter?

Big companies need big agencies.  Right?  Wrong.  Big companies THINK they need big agencies.  Why?  Because they need access to the ‘big brains’ that sit in big agencies and the army of staff that can be brought to the task when needed.  Now of course the reality is that in 99.99999% of situations the client doesn’t work with anyone else but their appointed account lead and the team at their disposal.  In most cases that means a pretty small team are working day to day with the client.  Such a workload doesn’t require a big agency.  It requires an agency with talent.  So the answer to the question: ‘does size matter?’ is “No.’  Of course it doesn’t really matter what the answer to the question is because, like all things, human nature gets involved in the decision.  Big companies (and even small ones who want to be big) don’t need big agencies.  But, they WANT a big agency, just like they want a car that costs $100,000 even though it does the same thing a car that cost $30,000.  In other words clients (at a certain level) want to appoint an agency that makes a statement just like they do with all purchasing decisions.  On that basis being small isn’t the problem.  On that basis giving them a reason to tell everyone why you are such an amazing firm is.  Confused?  You should be.