Apple stores are summer camps

Just had to go into the Apple store for something (Mac people always need something when they are passing an Apple store).  While I was in there I noticed a LOT of kids.  I then noticed a mom I knew who had four of those kids in tow.  She freely admitted that going to the Apple store for an afternoon was her form of summer camp.  The kids were effectively allowed to play with all the iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs and anything else beginning with ‘i’.  They weren’t allowed to buy anything of course.  The staff at the store seemed quite happy to be hosting all the kids.  Perhaps Apple could start selling summer camp T-shirts, or rather iShirts.

PS – turns out Apple does offer free summer camps to kids, where they get to learn how to make movies.  It also turns out my wife signed up two of kids to do it…  details:

PPS – in case you are wondering the Apple store is still sold out of iPhone 4s.  Seems Antennagate isn’t harming business.